Rotating Control Devices

We have just taken our commitment to reducing well site risk another step forward.

Already trusted with providing your safety critical Blowout Prevention Equipment we now provide smart Managed-Pressure Drilling equipment rental solutions.

Cansco's Rotating Control Devices (RCD's), integrated with the rigs existing circulating systems, helps you reduce risk to personnel and the environment, and enables more productive operations through;

  • Increased drilling rate of penetration (ROP)
  • Reduced non-productive time (NPT)
  • Lower cost drilling in extreme-loss situations

Our API 16RCD monogrammed RCD's are available with 1000psi dynamic pressure rating for large bore top hole applications, and with 3000psi dynamic pressure rating for deeper hole applications. We back our equipment with a range of adaptors and fittings, a large stock of spare and consumable parts, trained technicians, and a dedicated RCD service support facility at our Cansco Dubai location.

2000 PSI Static Working Pressure / API -6A Tested to 3000 PSI
1000 PSI Dynamic Working Pressure
Rated for 200 RPM
Tested and manufactured to RCD-16 API Specifications
(API-16RCD Monogrammed)
Sealed Bearing Assembly / No oil cooling system required

13-5/8" 5000 PSI Bottom flange / any API size and rating Interchangeable Bottom Flange Section (ask for options)
1 - 7-1/16" 3000 Side Outlet Flange
1 - 2-1/16" 5000 Side Outlet Studded Flange
13-5/8" Full Bore through the head with no bearing assembly
9-3/4" Thru Bore of the Bearing Assembly Hollow Shaft
16" OD of Bearing Assembly
Overall Height of Head - Bottom flange to top of bearing assembly 30"
Weight - (Approx) 1,900 Lbs / 0.8618 Metric Tons

Cansco – Reducing well site risk by giving well control equipment the priority it deserves.