Well control is a safety critical aspect of every well site operation in the field. Cansco Well, in addition to carrying a large inventory of BOP equipment, has dedicated BOPE training facilities providing hands-on BOPE operation and maintenance training for well site personnel.

The training session combines a mix of presented material supported by a significant level of practical hands-on time with an actual operational BOPE system set up combined with an extensive array of BOPE training models.

Trainees get to operate real BOPE systems, conduct closing and opening sequences, and to touch and feel critical components of the system such as ram elastomers, seals and sealing faces.

Training sessions may be tailored to suit the profile and needs of the trainees.

In developing this industry first practical training session Cansco listened to you, our Customer. Only by working with you can we achieve our vision of a better, safer future on every well site.

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